Remove Image Titles From All WordPress Images In Bulk

If you haven’t been too careful with your blog from the beginning, you might have images with random image titles that show up when users hover over the images.

It doesn’t look very good and now you want to hide the tool tip text that shows up when you hover on your images

Some slider plugins also use the image titles and use them as the name of the image. 

Deleting all image titles for all the images of your WordPress website is not an easy task of course. But somehow it needs to be done. 

With Image Attributes Pro, its super easy to get rid of the image titles in bulk. This tutorial will show you how to configure Image Attributes Pro so that it can delete all image titles from all your images

Bulk Delete All WordPress Image Titles

Image Attributes Pro has a regex filter and we will be taking advantage of this feature to bulk delete all WordPress image titles. 

  • Hope you have Image Attributes Pro activated and ready go to. 
  • Go to the WordPress admin > Settings > Image Attributes Pro > “Bulk Updater Settings” tab.
  • In “General Settings” section > Check only “Update Image Title”. This is very important, if not all image attributes will be blank. 
  • Scroll down to “Custom Filter” and there you will find the box titled “Filter with regular expression”. 
  • Enter /./ (a slash, a dot, a slash. No spaces).
  • Scroll down to “Image Title Settings” and under “Bulk Updater Behaviour”, select the option, “Update image titles in media library and existing posts”. 
  • Save Settings
  • Switch to the “Bulk Updater” tab and run the bulk updater. Of course, test it first and see if you get the desired results or if you missed something first. 

Here is a video of the whole process and you can see it in action

Hope that helps you clean up the image titles of all your WordPress image. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch.