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Set Image Filename As Attribute For New Uploads

Automatically generate image attributes such as image title, alt text, caption and description from image filename for images uploaded after installing the plugin.

Basic Filter For Image Attributes

Remove hyphen (-), underscore (_), full stop (.), comma (,) and numbers (0-9) from image filename before using the filename as an image attribute.

Insert Image Title Into Post HTML

This will add title="Image Title" in the tag when using the classic WordPress editor. Great for SEO.

Bulk Update Existing Image Attributes In Media Library

Update image title, alt text, caption and description in WordPress Media Library. The free version will update and overwite all attributes with the image filename.

Bulk Update Image Attributes Embedded In Post HTML

WordPress stores image attributes in the Media Library and along with html of the post / product. The attributes stored in the HTML of a post / product is what you see when you visit the page. Read More →

Preserve Existing Image Attributes And Update Missing Attributes

The Bulk Updater can be set to preserve existing image attributes while adding any missing attribute.

Use Post / Product Title As Image Attribute

Use title of page / post / product / any custom post type as image title, alt text, caption and description for existing images and for new uploads.

Use Yoast / Rank Math Focus Keyword As Image Attribute

Yoast / Rank Math focus keyword can be used as image title, alt text, caption and description for existing images and for new uploads.

Build Custom Attributes For Your Images Using Tags

Mix and match tags like %filename%, %posttitle%, %sitetitle%, %yoastfocuskw% and %rankmathfocuskw% to build your own custom image attribute for existing images and new uploads. You can also define your own tags easily.

Advanced Filter For Image Attributes

On top of the basic filter, filter apostrophe ( ' ), tilde ( ~ ), plus ( + ), pound ( # ), ampersand ( & ) and bracket( () [] {} ) from image filename before using the filename as an image attribute.

Regex Filter For Image Attributes

Use regular expressions to filter out words and patterns from image filename before using the filename as an attribute.

Capitalization Settings For Image Attributes

Change the capitalization of generated image attributes. Convert them to lowercase / UPPERCASE or use title casing / sentence casing.

Delete Existing Image Attributes

Clear any image attribute in bulk by setting it as blank / empty using the bulk updater. Useful to clear Image Title / Alt Text within posts and products and any attribute from the Media Library.

Exclude Images From Bulk Updater

A meta box and a checkbox is added to the Media Library > Edit Media sidebar. When checked, the bulk updater will not update the attributes of that image in the media library or in posts / products where the image is used.

Faster Bulk Updater With Background Processing

A faster Bulk Updater that runs in the background and updates image attributes within posts, products and media library. Very handy for huge websites with 1000+ images.

Event Logging To File

Log the progress of the bulk updater into a log file.

"Fast & Simple Time Saver"

Bill Bitautas, The Checkerboardflyer

Download, install, then go to settings to decide how you want to handle meta data for your images. Save settings then import images into media and see the magic. This plugin will save me a LOT of time! Great plugin!


Feel free to get in touch if you have an infrequent question

Yes. The bulk updater updates image title and alt text for images inserted into posts and custom post types.
Yes! Feel free to use the plugin on all of your client websites.
Yes. The plugin will continue to work and you will still be able to use it. However, you will no longer receive updates and support until you renew your license.
No. The pro version is an add-on to the basic plugin and needs the basic plugin to function.
Yes! Image Attributes Pro is designed to work with custom post types, in addition to the default posts and pages.
Yes, of course! WooCommerce products are simply custom post types and the bulk updater updates image attributes for WooCommerce products like a champ. SEO friendly product images for your store in one click.
This is my full time pet project and I want it to be affordable even for small businesses. I am not trying to undercut anyone (the price is much cheaper than the competition). I think this is a fair price that rewards me and the end user.
If you value your time, then you know how long it will take to update images on an entire website. This plugin will easily save you hours, if not weeks of manual work. You will never have to worry about image SEO moving forward as well. I bring 15+ years of WordPress expertise into the product. Each release is well thought out and rigorously tested. Your investment will pay off for years to come.
The plugin is coded to WordPress standards and should work on any standard install. In case it doesn't and if we cannot fix it for you, then your money will be refunded. Please get in touch if you have a specific requirement.

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Wow, this plugin is an absolute must, saved me so much time.

"Saved me TONS of time!"

Highly recommended plugin! Works as described, just setup and forget it.

"Works great with multisites too"

I tested it on our WordPress multisite setup and worked perfectly! 944 images done in about 1 minute... Thank you so much, your plugin worked like a charm and you saved us a lot of time and now we are Accessibility compliant on all images, even those posted several years ago.

"Should have been using this all along!"

I should have been using this plugin for years before I discovered it! Name your images something intelligent before uploading, and it will remove underscores and hyphens and then give the image a proper title and caption. Works exactly as it should. Great for image-heavy sites and for SEO.

"Great plugin and fantastic support"

Fantastic plug-in, well thought out, easy to use and massive time saver. The support from Arun is also second to none.

"Stoked. Awesome time saver"

If only I could get the time back that I used over the years populating the dumbest attribute there is online, the alt tag...Thanks for a great plugin. Stoked