= 1.3 =

  • Date: 07.January.2019
  • Enhancement: Added filter iaffpro_image_attributes. Now you can modify the image attributes generated by the bulk updater and customize it before its inserted into the database.
  • Enhancement: Added filter iaffpro_update_media_library to disable updating of attributes in media library completely.
  • Enhancement: Added filter iaffpro_included_post_types to choose specific WordPress post types to bulk update. Want to update WooCommerce products only? This is the solution.

= 1.02 =

  • Date: 14.April.2018
  • Enhancement: Improved the plugin update checker with user friendly notices.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an edge case where the Bulk updater ignored the Bulk Updater General Settings. This was found and fixed during internal testing before any users reported it.

= 1.01 =

  • Date: 23.November.2017
  • New Feature: Added support for custom post types.
  • Enhancement: Better search criteria for updating images within posts. The bulk updater is more comprehensive than before.
  • Enhancement: Better handling of default options when upgrading from ver 1.3 IAFF Basic plugin.

= 1.0 =

  • Date: 22.November.2017
  • First release of the plugin.