= 2.0 =

  • Date: 02.July.2021
  • New Feature: Modular Custom Attributes! Build your own attributes using custom tags. !IMPORTANT! Update to version 2.1 of Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater to use this feature. Available custom tags: %filename%, %posttitle%, %sitetitle%, %yoastfocuskw% ,%rankmathfocuskw%. Each custom tag will be replaced with it’s value. You can combine them as you please!
  • New Feature: Use Yoast Focus Keyword and Rank Math Focus Keyword as image attributes.
  • New Feature: Exclude images from Bulk Updater. A new meta box and a checkbox is added to the Media Library > Edit Media sidebar. When checked, the bulk updater will not update the attributes of that image in the media library or in posts / products where the image is used.
  • New Feature: Added Bulk Updater Behaviour choices for Image Captions and Image Descriptions. Bulk updater can be configured to preserve existing image captions and descriptions.
  • Enhancement: !IMPORTANT! Plugin structure was changed including the name of the main plugin file to meet WordPress standards. This will deactivate the plugin on update. Simply reactivate the plugin to fix the issue.
  • Enhancement: Changed text domain from abl_iaffpro_td to auto-image-attributes-pro to meet WordPress standards.
  • Enhancement: Converted License Key text box into a password field so that the license key is not easily copied.
  • Enhancement: Code improvements. Few key areas are more reliable and much easier to maintain.
  • Enhancement: Improved empty title detection on Gutenberg image block editor.

= 1.4.1 =

  • Date: 20.June.2021
  • Bug Fix: Image Titles were set to blank in a specific edge case.
  • Enhancement: Code improvements.

= 1.4 =

  • Date: 18.June.2021
  • New Feature: Added option to preserve existing image title and image alt text in the media library. You will find this in Bulk Updater Settings > Bulk Updater Behaviour for Image Title Settings and Image Alt Text Settings. Namely: Update image titles in media library and posts only if no title is set. Existing image titles will not be changed. and Update alt text in media library and posts only if no alt text is set. Existing alt text will not be changed.
  • New Filter: iaffpro_html_image_markup_post_update. You can use this filter to modify image HTML markup and add or remove custom image attributes. The image HTML markup (‘ after it is updated by Image Attributes Pro is passed as argument to the filter.
  • Enhancement: Added UI link to account dashboard so that users can easily find their license key.
  • Enhancement: Removed mandatory lower case image filename conversion when Advanced tab > Miscellaneous Settings > Clean actual image filename after upload is enabled.
  • Enhancement: Updated plugin update checker library to v4.11.
  • Enhancement: Code improvements.

= 1.3 =

  • Date: 07.January.2019
  • Enhancement: Added filter iaffpro_image_attributes. Now you can modify the image attributes generated by the bulk updater and customize it before its inserted into the database.
  • Enhancement: Added filter iaffpro_update_media_library to disable updating of attributes in media library completely.
  • Enhancement: Added filter iaffpro_included_post_types to choose specific WordPress post types to bulk update. Want to update WooCommerce products only? This is the solution.

= 1.02 =

  • Date: 14.April.2018
  • Enhancement: Improved the plugin update checker with user friendly notices.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an edge case where the Bulk updater ignored the Bulk Updater General Settings. This was found and fixed during internal testing before any users reported it.

= 1.01 =

  • Date: 23.November.2017
  • New Feature: Added support for custom post types.
  • Enhancement: Better search criteria for updating images within posts. The bulk updater is more comprehensive than before.
  • Enhancement: Better handling of default options when upgrading from ver 1.3 IAFF Basic plugin.

= 1.0 =

  • Date: 22.November.2017
  • First release of the plugin.