Custom Image Attribute Tags

Image Attributes Pro lets you build your own image attributes in a modular style using any combination of the available custom image attribute tags.

For example, a custom attribute like %posttitle% - %sitetitle% will become the Post / Product title - Site Title.

Available Custom Attribute Tags

Here are all the custom attribute tags available with Image Attributes Pro. Each of these tags will be replaced by their corresponding value when an image attribute is updated.

  • %filename% – Image filename.
  • %posttitle% – Title of the post, page or product where the image is used.
  • %sitetitle% – Site Title defined in WordPress General Settings.
  • %category% – Post or product Category. First category name will be used by default. Can be altered using iaffpro_custom_attribute_tag_category_names filter.
  • %tag% – Post or product Tag. First tag name will be used by default. Can be altered using iaffpro_custom_attribute_tag_tag_names filter.
  • %excerpt% – Post excerpt or product short description.

Dynamic Custom Tags

These custom image attribute tags are available only when corresponding plugins are enabled.

Want To Create Your Own Attribute Tags?

You can do so using the iaffpro_get_custom_attribute_tag_{%tagname%}() function. Details and an example is available in the dedicated codex entry →.