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Image Attributes Pro unlocks traffic from Google Images by generating image attributes required for SEO

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Image Attributes Pro will help you generate this alt text. Great for SEO!

19% of search queries on Google returns an image!

Are users discovering your website through your images?

Visual search is on the rise, no doubt. Search engines rely on image attributes like image alt text and image title to figure out what an image is about.

Image Attributes Pro helps search engines discover your images by adding missing image titles and alt text. Install it and never worry about image SEO again.

You are leaving money on the table by not tapping in to Google image search. Unlock a new traffic source and get more sales for the content you already have.

Image title, alt text, attributes. What!? 😱

Here is a quick lesson.

Think of image title and alt text as little notes that describe the image. Web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox...) and search engines (Google, Bing...) use this information to understand what the image is about.

What you see below is the HTML of an image. This is how Google see your images. It starts with the <img tag and contains the link to the image file as src= or source. You will also notice the title tag that starts with title= and the alt text that starts with alt=.

<img src="" title="Uncle Bob, Martha, Grandma and Grandpa" alt="Photo of my family with uncle Bob, aunt Martha, Grandma and Grandpa" >

WordPress media uploader lets you fill in these attributes each time you upload an image. Yes, it's tedious and there is a good chance you haven't done it so far. Don't worry, Image Attributes Pro can fix it for you!

What can Image Attributes Pro do for you?

Image Attributes Pro scans every image in your WordPress website
and automatically updates all missing image attributes required for SEO.

Missing image titles, alt text, captions and descriptions are generated from the image filename, page title, WooCommerce product title, Yoast or Rank Math Focus keyword. You can also combine them in any order your like to get the best possible results.

Works auto-magically for existing images and any new image that you upload from here on!

"Highly Performant And Flexible"

Gerald Aichholzer, Co-founder,

I have long been looking for an easy way to automatically edit/add image attributes for Search Engine Optimization in WordPress and was baffled that this did not exist. Thanks to Image Attributes Pro this became not only reality but is also highly performant and flexible. The great support from Arun is the cherry on top!

Image Attributes Pro Features

See what makes Image Attributes Pro the best plugin for Image SEO.

Auto Image Attributes

Image Attributes Pro will generate image title, alt text, caption and description right when you upload the image.

Fast Bulk Updater

Use the bulk updater to clean up existing images on your WordPress website as well. Not just new uploads.

Filename v/s Post Title

Feel like using image filename for image title and post title for alt text? You got it.

Tidy Filenames

The advanced filters can be used to clean up your image filenames as well.

Advanced Filtration

Filter out characters or words from image filenames with custom filteration options. Regex supported!

Fine-Tune Settings

Update alt text only if they not exist? Update only what you want. Set your options in the clean well organized interface.

Unlimited Domains

Use your plugin on all your websites. Yes, on your client websites too!

Support With Kindness

Extensive product documentation and priority support served with love. Since 2017.

Image SEO In Three Simple Steps

Select attributesChoose how you want them to beRun the Bulk Updater

Bulk Updater

Update image attributes on your entire WordPress website in one click!

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Or update just the images, posts or products you choose.

Update attributes in the Media Library effortlessly.

"Exactly Perfectly What I Was Looking For"

John, Spirit Designs

It is nicely thought out, quick, with a well designed easy to use interface.


See how Image Attributes Pro looks under the hood!

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Wow, this plugin is an absolute must, saved me so much time.

"Saved me TONS of time!"

Highly recommended plugin! Works as described, just setup and forget it.

"Works great with multisites too"

I tested it on our WordPress multisite setup and worked perfectly! 944 images done in about 1 minute... Thank you so much, your plugin worked like a charm and you saved us a lot of time and now we are Accessibility compliant on all images, even those posted several years ago.

"Should have been using this all along!"

I should have been using this plugin for years before I discovered it! Name your images something intelligent before uploading, and it will remove underscores and hyphens and then give the image a proper title and caption. Works exactly as it should. Great for image-heavy sites and for SEO.

"Great plugin and fantastic support"

Fantastic plug-in, well thought out, easy to use and massive time saver. The support from Arun is also second to none.

"Stoked. Awesome time saver"

If only I could get the time back that I used over the years populating the dumbest attribute there is online, the alt tag...Thanks for a great plugin. Stoked

Image Attributes Pro Cheatsheet

A snapshot of everything Image Attributes Pro is designed for

Basic Features

  • Set Image Title for new uploads
  • Set Image Caption for new uploads
  • Set Image Description for new uploads
  • Set Image Alt Text for new uploads

Bulk Updater Features

  • Set Image Title for existing images within posts
  • Set Image Caption for existing images within posts
  • Set Image Description for existing images within posts
  • Set Image Alt Text for existing images within posts

Image SEO

Capitalization Options

  • Leave unchanged
  • convert to lowercase
  • Use title casing. First Letter Of Each Word Will Be Capitalized.
  • Use sentence casing. First letter of a sentence will be capitalized.

Image Filename Options

  • Clean actual image filename after upload.

Bulk Actions

Image Title Options

  • Use image filename as title text.
  • Use post title as title text. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Build custom image title using tags. Available tags: %filename%, %posttitle%, %sitetitle%, %category%, %tag%, %excerpt%, %yoastfocuskw%, %yoastseotitle%, %rankmathfocuskw%, %seopresstargetkw% and many more.

Image Alt Text Options

  • Use filename as alt text.
  • Use post title as alt text. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Build custom image alt text using tags.

Image Caption Options

  • Use image filename as caption
  • Use post title as caption. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Build custom image caption using tags.

Image Description Options

  • Use image filename as description
  • Use post title as description. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Build custom image description using tags.

Bulk Updater Options

  • Update image titles / alt text in media library and / or Post HTML.
  • Update image caption and description in the Media Library.
  • For each attribute, choose to update all attributes overwriting any existing attributes.
  • Or preserve existing attributes and add missing attributes only.

Filter Options

  • Remove hyphens ( - ) from filename
  • Remove underscores ( _ ) from filename
  • Remove full stops ( . ) from filename
  • Remove commas ( , ) from filename
  • Remove all numbers ( 0-9 ) from filename
  • Remove apostrophe ( ' ) from filename
  • Remove tilde ( ~ ) from filename
  • Remove plus ( + ) from filename
  • Remove pound ( # ) from filename
  • Remove ampersand ( & ) from filename
  • Remove round brackets ( ( ) ) from filename
  • Remove square brackets ( [ ] ) from filename
  • Remove curly brackets ( { } ) from filename

Custom Filter

WordPress Filters

Other Features