How Will Image Attributes Pro Behave When Same Image Is Used On Multiple Posts/Products

WordPress stores image attributes namely Image Title, Image Alt Text and Image Caption in two locations.

One set of image attributes is stored along with the image, which can be read from the media library.

Image Attributes In Media Library

Image Attributes are also embedded within the post content.

Image Attributes Embedded

How Image Attributes Pro behaves will depend on whether you use image filename or post title for image attributes.

If you choose to use image filename for the image attributes, then Image Attributes Pro will use the image filename everywhere. No matter how many times the image is used, it’s filename is always the same. Hence it will be same everywhere.

However, if you choose to use the “Post Title” (also applies to Product Title for WooCommerce) things are a bit different. Let’s consider a few cases.

Image Attributes are set to Post Title, but the image is used only once

This is easy. Then the title of the post or product to which the image is uploaded will be used for the image both in the media library and within the post content.

What if Image Attributes are set to Post Title and the image is used multiple times?

In this case, we have the following scenarios:

  • The image attributes in the media library will be the post title of the post to which the image was originally uploaded to.
  • The embedded image attributes in each of the post will be the title of that specific post or product that uses the image.

There is one more scenario. An image can be uploaded directly to the media library first and this stays un-attached to any post or product.

  • In this case, the image attributes in the media library will be based on the image filename. The image attributes embedded within the post or product will still be the title of that specific post or product.

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