Runs the bulk updater of Image Attributes Pro, one batch at a time. Image attributes will be updated as per the Bulk Updater Settings.

iaffpro_bu_run_bulk_updater( $batch_size );

Accepts one parameter, $batch_size which is an integer. The default batch size is 20 which can be filtered using iaffpro_bu_batch_size filter.

Image Attributes Pro version 4.2 and later varies the images per batch based on the server conditions. However, if you override the default batch size using iaffpro_bu_batch_size filter, the variable batch size is not used.

Example Usage

// Run Image Attributes Pro Bulk Updater
iaffpro_bu_run_bulk_updater( 25 );

For a better more elaborate example, refer: Run Image Attributes Pro Bulk Updater Programmatically / via Cron Job

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