Fixing Bulk Updater Stuck On The Same Image Issue

So you are using the bulk updater of Image Attributes Pro to update the image attributes (image title, alt text, caption and description) of your WordPress images. The bulk updater worked smoothly for a good number of images, but then it got stuck and kept on updating the attributes of the same image over and over.

If this is an issue that you are facing, check with your sever settings to see if object caching is enabled. If so, please disable object caching until the bulk updater is complete.

Once the bulk updater has done it’s job, you can enable object caching again.

How To Disable Object Caching

The steps to disable object caching varies from one web host to another.

Some webhosts like WP Engine have the option in the account admin (WP Engine admin > your website > Utilities > Cache Options).

For other hosts, you might have to contact their support and ask them to disable it and later enable it for you.