Having Trouble With Checkout?

If your payment is being rejected, first make sure that the Billing details you provided are valid. Payment gateways use your Name and Billing address to confirm your identity.

If you still face trouble with checkout, please try paying with a different payment gateway.

  • Stripe is the default payment gateway where you can pay with most credit and debit cards.
  • Alternatively, you can pay with PayPal as well. You can pay with your card without the need for a PayPal account.
Payment Gateways Checkout Page

Payments From India

Payments from India are handled using RazorPay which will be automatically selected when you choose country as India. Stripe and PayPal are not available for payments from India.

If you prefer, you an also pay directly via Google Pay to 9995394558. Please use xe.com for USD to INR conversion for the license you need. Refer pricing page for the prices in USD.

How will I receive my license if I pay directly?

Once you make the payment, please follow these steps:

  • Write to me about the payment.
  • I will send you a coupon code with which you can checkout (with no further payment of course).

What delay is to be expected? During business hours on Monday through Friday, I will reply as soon as I see your email, typically within a few hours.

If you are still facing troubles, please contact support.

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