Will Image Attributes Pro Overwrite Existing Image Title / Alt Text?

On most websites, there are already some image attributes filled in. If you want to preserve existing image attributes (like image title and image alt text) and only want to add the missing ones, Image Attributes Pro can help.

To answer the question directly: No, Image Attributes Pro can be configured to preserve existing image title / alt text.

In the Bulk Updater Settings of Image Attributes Pro, you have these options for each image attribute.

  • Update all attributes overwriting any existing attributes.
  • Preserve existing attributes and add missing attributes only.

If you choose to preserve existing attributes, only missing attributes will be added.

Bulk Updater Configured To Preserve Exisitng Attributes

How To Disable Media Library Updates

If you do not want the bulk updater of Image Attributes Pro to update any image attributes (title, alt text, caption or description) in the media library, even the empty ones, then you can disable them from the UI.

Note that Image Attributes Pro updates image caption and image description only in the Media Library. To disable Media Library updates for image caption and description, disable updating image caption and description completely, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Image Attributes Pro Configured To Update Attributes In Post HTML Only
Image Attributes Pro configured to update attributes in Post HTML only without updating Media Library.

If you are confused between media library and posts, then refer to this doc that explains how WordPress stores image attributes: Understanding How WordPress Store Image Attributes

You can also disable updates in the media library programmatically using the iaffpro_update_media_library filter.

Sounds good. How do I get started?

Checkout Image Attributes Pro and the pricing plans. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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