How to Renew or Upgrade Your Image Attributes Pro License

Thank you for your interest in renewing or upgrading Image Attributes Pro. I hope this means that you are enjoying the product so far.

Renew Expired License

Renewing an expired license is very straight forward.

You will be able to download the latest update on all your WordPress installs. Since Image Attributes Pro supports automatic updates, the update process is exactly like how you would update any WordPress plugin from the WordPress repository.

Upgrading Existing License

This means that you have a valid current license and would like to buy a different license.

For example, you purchased the Personal license and want to upgrade to the Unlimited license.

Currently there is no automated way that calculates the pro-rated amount needed for the upgrade. The best route is to contact support and you will receive a coupon code for a pro-rated discount on a new license.

Once you have the coupon, simply login to your account and purchase the license that you wish to upgrade to. You can use the coupon code and only pay the difference between the current license and the new one.