New Images Uploaded Has “Auto Draft” As Image Attributes

If you have configured Image Attributes Pro to auto add image attributes for new image uploads and every time you upload a new image you see the Image Title, Alt Text, Description and Caption as “Auto Draft“, then this troubleshooting guide is for you. 

Also this happens when you have opted to set the post title or product title as attributes for your images. If you are setting the image attributes from the image filename, this is not likely an issue. 

The cause is that auto-saving of posts is disabled in your WordPress install. 

“Auto Draft” is the default title WordPress adds before saving the post. And since Image Attributes Pro pulls the data from the database, it reads “Auto Draft”.

Here is a test to confirm if this is the case.

  • Add a title to your post.
  • Save the post as a draft.
  • Upload the image now.

Does your images have the attributes as expected now? 

How can I enable autosave? 

You might have to check with your developer or host to see how autosave was disabled. It could be either by one of these ways:

  • Check your wp-config.php and see if you find a line like this: define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 86400);. This increases the autosave interval to an entire day. The default value is 60 seconds so changing 86400 to 60 would be a solution. 
  • Check for a plugin or in the functions.php of your theme to see if there a line like this: wp_deregister_script('autosave');. If so, try removing it. 
  • Check if there is a plugin that is removing the WordPress Heartbeat. WordPress uses the heartbeat API to autosave. 

When its all solved and done, here is how it is supposed to work. 

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