How To Test Settings Before Running The Bulk Updater

The bulk updater of Image Attributes Pro is a powerful tool. Just like with power tools, using them safely and responsibly is of paramount importance.

The bulk updater commits the changes to the WordPress database making them permanent. This can be intimidating, especially when managing a large website, but with a few simple precautions, you can optimize its use without undue concern.

Let’s take a look into all the best practices and methods to test the Image Attributes Pro bulk updater safely.

Start With A Full Database Backup

Image Attributes Pro updates image attributes in the WordPress database. Updates are made in the Media Library as well as post HTML as per your settings.

So always start with a full database backup. If you don’t have a backup solution yet, you really need to get one as a website needs both onsite and offsite backup.

Want a recommendation? WP-DBManager is a good and reliable solution that has been around for over a decade now.

Test The Bulk Updater On A Few Images

There are many ways to run the bulk updater on a single image. You could use the Test Bulk Updater button and this will update the attributes for the oldest image in the Media Library.

Test Bulk Updater Button
Test Bulk Updater button in the Bulk Updater tab of Image Attributes Pro.

Details about the image that is updated will be displayed in the Event Log on the same page.

You can also test a single image using the Update image attributes button in the Image Attributes Pro meta box in the Media Library…

Image Attributes Pro meta box in the Media Library.

… or using the meta box in the post / page / product editor.

Meta Box In Posts Pages And Products
Image Attributes Pro meta box in the Post editor.

Row actions in the media library list view, Posts, Page and Products list also let you edit one image or post or product at a time.

Update Image Attributes Row Action In Media Library
Row action displayed on hovering over an image in the Media Library.

If you wish to update multiple images, or posts / products in one go, you can make use of the Bulk Actions.

Updating multiple images using Image Attributes Pro Bulk Actions in the Media Library.

Note that the changes made during testing are permanent. It’s the Bulk Updater running on a single image at the time.

Once you are happy with the results, you can unleash the Bulk Updater on all images using the Run Bulk Updater button in the Bulk Updater tab of Image Attributes Pro.

Refer to the Getting Started section of the documentation to learn more about each of these features and more. For any further questions, feel free to reach out via the support form.

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